Kaoru Kaidou
    Kaoru Kaidou

    2nd Year Student
    Birthdate: May 11
    Zodiac: Taurus
    Class: 2-7
    Relatives: Mother- Kaidoh Hozumi (40); Father-Kaidoh Shibuki (37); Younger Brother- Kaidoh Hazue (11)
    Play Style: Counter-puncher
    Dominant Hand: Right
    Special Moves: Snake Shot, Boomerang Snake
    Height: 173cm
    Blood Type: B
    Favorite Shoes: Puma (Cell Factor PTO634)
    Favorite Racket: Head (TI.S7)
    Favorite Subject: English
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Music: Rock
    Favorite Food: Yogurt, (Yaki)Soba, 100% pure juice
    Hobby: Running Marathons, collecting bandanas
    Preferred Type: Someone that knows how to appreciate good food and shows it
    Father's Occupation: Office worker (Bank)
    Seiyuu: Kiyasu Kohei


    Kaidō is a counterpuncher, noted by his stamina and retrieving most of the opponent's shot, using his physique to tire out his opponent first. While his play style becomes more aggressive as the series progresses, his original style is still evident in his matches.

    As akid he cried a lot. When he was in kindergarten, he was often mistaken for a girl, called Kaoru-chan, and forced to wear a skirt.


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