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Kunimitsu Tezuka

Kunimitsu Tezuka


Seishun Gakuen Middle School 3rd Year – Class 1 – Seat 12
Primary School: Seiharudai Daiichi Elementary School
Birthdate: October 7
Zodiac: Libra
Best Subject: World History
Worst Subject: None
Position in Club: Captain
Committee: Student Council President
Favorite Place to Visit at School: library
Relatives: Father- Tezuka Kuniharu; Mother- Tezuka Ayana; Grandfather- Tezuka Kunikazu
Play Style: All-rounder
Dominant Hand: Left
Special Moves: Zero Shiki Drop Shot, Tezuka Zone
Height: 179cm
Blood Type: O
Favorite Shoes: Mizuno (Wave Dual Lite <6KW93009> )
Favorite Racket: Mizuno (Pro Light S90)
Signature Techniques: Drop Shot, Zero Shiki Drop Shot, Muga no Kyouchi, Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami, Saikikanpatsu no Kiwami. Tezuka Zone, Tezuka Phantom, Zero Shiki Serve
Favorite Subject: World History
Favorite Color: Blue and Green
Favorite Food: Grilled eel with special sauce over it
Hobby: Mountain climbing, fishing, camping
Spends Allowance On: book fees
Favorite Quote: "Yudan sezu ni ikou" (Don't let your guard down.)
Favorite Foods: unacha
Favorite Movies: famous classics regardless of whether they're Japanese or foreign
Favorite Book: western books
Favorite Music: classical (Beethoven)
Favorite Date Spot: Fishing in the streams on a mountain
Most Desired Item: A photo book of famous mountains in the world
Daily Routine: writing in his journal
Things he doesn’t like: neglecting one's work
Other Special Skills: woodwork
Father's Occupation: Office worker (Trading) (Grandfather's a policeman and knows taekwondo)
Seiyuu: Okiayu Ryoutarou


Kunimitsu Tezuka (手塚 国光, Tezuka Kunimitsu?) is the captain of Seishun Academy's ("Seigaku" for short) tennis team, Tezuka is considered to be a National-level tennis player. As the captain, he is very serious, and is strict when enforcing order within his team. Tezuka is the character who encourages the series' protagonist, Ryoma Echizen, to develop his own style of tennis, leading the latter to consider him to be both a mentor and a rival. Throughout the series, Tezuka constantly struggles with the pain in his left arm, which was caused by an injury inflicted upon him by an upperclassman two years prior. However, he is often willing to sacrifice his arm in order to defeat his opponent and lead his team to the Nationals.


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