Ymy Ele Soufflenictole
    Ymy Ele Soufflenictole
    Ymy is the female protagonist of 'Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden' and one of the priestesses of Tenketsu Palace . She is known as an extremely shy individual and when it comes to speeches, she has a reputation of stuttering to critical levels. She wears the clothes of a priestess, which looks similar to a robe, and she describes them as 'uncomfortable at first'.
    She is childhood friends to Sheltis and lives in the upper levels of the tower due to priestess privileges.

    When she first heard that Sheltis had 'died' from falling off the floating continent, she tried to deny it but when she finally accepted it, he came back to her, albeit in critical condition, but alive, as the only person who survived after entering the Garden of Corrupted Song .

    Among the other priestesses protecting the continent, her Shinryoku levels are second only to the queen, and has enough to cause 'Albert Resonance' with Sheltis. This fact saddens her very much to which she says, 'Why...... can't both of us...... do something as simple...... as holding hands?'

    After Sheltis regains the permission to become a guard again, she sets a goal for herself to find a cure for Sheltis.