Sheltis Magna Yehle
Sheltis Magna Yehle
Sheltis is the main character of the light novel 'Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden'. At the start of the first volume he is described as a 14-15 year old boy with tea-colored hair, which almost looks like purple, and an androgynous face. Though that is the case, most of the novel takes place 3 years after when Sheltis is seventeen. He is known to wear the old ceremonial clothes of Tenketsu Palace despite the new uniform being white.

He used to live in Tenketsu Palace of the Floating Continent with his childhood friend Ymy, but was later banished from the tower after an incident where he fell into the Garden of Corrupted Song and his body's spiritual power (Shinryoku) was replaced with the opposite force (Mateki). This occurred during a mission and not many people knew about, as it would cause an uproar if a person who possessed Mateki was known. Due to this, Sheltis was forced to live in the Living Sector for three year and worked at a cafe with a girl called Eyriey and a child named Yuto.

During Sheltis's time in Tenketsu Palace, he was a high ranking guard whom astounded many people with his fighting abilities. His goal in becoming a guard was to protect Ymy as her Sennenshi, who wanted to become a priestess. He wields Dual Swords coated in Shinryoku due to his inability to use a Great Sword. His swords became a purple color after gaining Mateki and often spars with his other friend Leon.

After a series of events, Sheltis regains the permission to go back to Tenketsu Palace but all data of his previous status was lost, causing him to start from cadet guard and have to work his way back in the ranks without people knowing about his Mateki.

Sheltis's mateki is said to be quite strong as it is able to cause with Ymy's Shinryoku. It is also said that he fell to one of the lowest floors of the Garden of Corrupted Song , as he knows the song that can only be heard in those areas, though he does not have much of a recollection of his time there.

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