Unchou Kan'u
    Unchou Kan'u

    Three Kingdoms counterpart: Guan Yu
    Birthday: November 8
    Horoscope: Scorpio
    Age: 19
    Height: 172 cm
    Blood Type: A
    Three Sizes: B-96 W-60 H-91
    School: Seito's Academy, 3rd Year
    Toushi Rank: Special A-Rank
    Weapon: Reienkyou's Blade


    Believed to be the most feared and powerful Toushi around, she even carries the nearly invincible Blue Dragon Crescent Blade from her predecessor as well as the legendary sword Kusanagi; she also has overwhelming chi. She believes her destiny is to die protecting Ryuubi. It is believed by many characters that Ryomou will one day kill her. Presumed to be an old friend of Kakouton and Kakuka. Despite this, however, she seems to have taken an interest in Koukin (this happens only in the "English Adaptation", it is not present in the original JPN manga). She is eventually forced to side with Sousou and plan an attack on Nanyo in order to protect Ryubi from Kyosho's toushi, who would certainly be after her. When she surrenders she is treated as a prisoner. She is handcuffed, beaten, and stripped of her clothing. When Ryubi submits the Gyokuji for Kan'u's release, Kan'u refuses to accept the offer and stays as a prisoner under her own will. Sousou respects Kan'u's wishes and orders the Gyokuji to be returned to Seito. Kan'u is able to break free from her handcuffs, clearly holding back while she was captive. She is now treated more fairly while being kept under Sousou's orders.


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