Tooru Mizushima
    Tooru Mizushima
    Birthday: September 14
    Sign: Virgo
    Blood Type: A
    Likes: Cake
    Dislikes: Capsicum

    Mizushima Tooru (class 2-3) is one of the few people born with no Iris, an Iris Zero. Because of that, he was bullied in childhood and is desperately trying not to stand out in any way. His motto is "Minimal Exposure" but after Sasamori Koyuki, one of the most popular girls in school (and therefore his natural enemy), takes interest in him, it starts to become more and more difficult for him to not being noticed. Tooru's best friend is Shinozuka Hijiri (class 2-6) and he's known Yuki Asahi (also 2-6) from childhood, though for a long time they were far from what could be called "friendship." He is very good at solving puzzles concerning other people's feelings—he's developed an ability to see things from others' perspective as a way of protecting himself from being bullied. Still he's quite reluctant to do anything, unless it concerns preventing himself from being exposed. He has a really sweet tooth. Not too much of a spoiler, actually, as everyone would expect it from the very first chapter or even sole series' summary—Sasamori Koyuki eventually falls in love with Tooru, which, of course, is not something he'd be delighted with.


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