Hijiri Shinozuka
    Hijiri Shinozuka
    Birthday: May 10
    Sign: Taurus
    Blood Type: AB
    Likes: Green Tea
    Dislikes: Melon

    Being an Iris Zero, Toru isn't too popular, but Hijiri doesn't care about that and is his best friend. He always seems carefree and easy-going—the sleeves of his uniform seem to be longer than necessary—but there is more to him than meets the eye. Very few people know about his Iris—as he is keeping that secret—and it was only Toru that was able to see through him... Even since he was a kid he's been able to see black butterflies no one else saw. Later he realized it was his Iris allowing him to see upcoming death of living beings. Knowing about inevitable dead he saw no sense in life and attempted to kill himself many times. His suicide attempts (wrist slitting) caused scars on his wrists, hence the long sleeves at school. When in middle school a butterflies started gathering around the girl he fell in love with, Tachibana Satsuki, he thought he'd been born to protect her. His attempts to do so were ineffective though—it was then when he first met Toru and it was him who saved Tachibana's life. That point marks the beginning of their friendship.