Asahi Yuki
    Asahi Yuki
    Birthday: July 3
    Sign: Cancer
    Blood Type: B
    Likes: chocolate, sweets
    Dislikes: fresh cream

    Asahi was Toru's friend in childhood, one of a few who knew about him being an Iris Zero. When they got into fight she revealed his secret, causing him to become a victim of bullying—that made them more of "childhood enemies" than "childhood friends." Asahi is now Sasamori Koyuki's best friend, together with her in class 2-6. When Asahi slaps her homeroom teacher, Fujimura-sensei, Koyuki runs to Toru (who's "qualified" to help) and makes him resolve the problem—thus causing Toru and Asahi to eventually make up. With her Iris's power Asahi can see a devil's tails growing out of people when they are lying. She has a strong sense of justice and was apiring to become a police officer in the future. After the incident she decided to aim for being a lawyer instead. She is strong-willed and independent though she is afraid of ghost and the-like.


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