A teddy bear that was given to Shunpei on Shunpei's 7th bithday. Hyde has not shown any reaction, until a enemy attempts to assassinate Shunpei. Hyde addresses Shunpei as either "Shun", or "Shun my boy", just like Alsyd. Probably because of Alsyd's magic in Hyde himself. Hyde can eaily be compared to the character Reborn in the anime/manga Reborn!. Hyde is calm when outside of battle, and puts on a blank face that shows no emotion. (Just like a normal teddy bear) He seems to be nice to Shunpei, and his mother. Hyde states that he thinks that Shun has potential, only he needs to toughen up a bit. Hyde is the one who has been proving Shunpei wrong when Shunpei thought of himself as weak, and a coward. In his back, he holds a chainsaw named the Texas Chainsaw. Oddly, the chainsaw stands about twice as tall as Hyde himself, but can easily fit inside Hyde. When he fights he normally gets an evil grin on his face, showing he might enjoy the idea of getting rid of the doll and thereby getting rid of the user; when he uses his Texas Chainsaw, his face becomes shadowed over, making his grin more evil looking. In battle, (And sometimes outside of battle) Hyde always has a Chocolate cigar in his mouth. Excluding the times when Hyde is put into a bag so Shunpei can carry him around with ease. Besides the Texas Chainsaw, Hyde shows superhuman strength, or enhanced strength in chapter 6. Throwing a full sized locker through a window in mid-air. In chapter 7, Shindou reveals that Hyde's magical power is more different than those of a normal magical doll. As well as revealing that Hyde has a small amount of magical power in his body, and is keeping it a secret from Shunpei. This hints that Hyde may revert back into a normal teddy bear someday once the magical power within him runs out. But this is not proven yet, because it is not known exactly what happens to a magical doll once their magical power runs out.

    Texas Chainsaw (probably named after the movie): a ridiculously large (its twice Hyde’s size) demonic looking chainsaw that Hyde can wield effectively to cut his enemies to pieces.

    There seems to be some mystery to the Texas Chainsaw, as enemy dolls tend to freeze out fear, begin panicking, and then lose all their confidence when they see it. Although this doesn't happen when faced with strong opponents.


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