Minoru Kohinata
    Minoru Kohinata
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 29th March (Aries)
    Blood Type: O
    Education: Reinan University Physical Education College (Freshman)
    Martial Art Level: Kaburagi-Ryu Karate 1-dan
    Hometown: Kamiiso District, Hokkaido
    Height: 169cm
    Weight: 62kg
    Kohinata Minoru is a college student at a college that is popular for its sports rather than academic orientation. Although he starts out as a gymnast alongside his friend, Nana, Minoru is bullied by the higher ranked gymnasts. One evening, a karate student at the college, Mutou Ryuuji, witnesses Minoru being bullied and comes to the rescue... but his intentions aren't to save Minoru, but to drag him into the world of karate.