Eriko Futami
    Eriko Futami
    School: Kibina High
    Class: 2-B
    Height: 162 cm
    Three-Sizes: 78/55/79
    Blood Type: AB
    Birthday: November 1
    Sign: Scorpio
    Likes: Being Alone, Experiments, Thinking, Junk Food
    Dislikes: Meddling others, Crowds Favorite
    Food: Because eating is troublesome, so there are lots of times when she ends up eating snacks and junk food like chips with mayonnaise and honey for toppings.
    Disliked Food: Since she has no sense of taste, she thinks all food taste the same.

    Futami is the smartest person in her school, but her curiosity to see what happens when she hands in blank tests tends to get the best of her.

    When she received a 0 for turning in her blank test, she made a paper air plane and threw it out the window of the science room to see how far it will go. Unknown to her it would start a set of events that will make her change.
    Another student at the school Kazuki Aihara found the air plane and took it to Futami. While giving her the test paper back, she started an experiment to find out how/why people fall in love, so she kisses him in the name of experimenting.
    Her experiments consist of holding hands, kissing, staring into each others eyes and to see if she really doesn't have a sense of taste.

    After Asuka Sakino finds out about these experiments, she yells at Futami about manipulating people's feelings. Later on, Futami understands and decides to end the experiments. However, since Kazuki started to lose interest in Soccer, Sakino decides to get Futami and Kazuki together again, but later realizes it was a mistake. After a week or so, Kazuki goes to Futami's apartment with some flowers and some cool romantic lines from the movie he was working on, he practiced his lines in front of the door of Futami's apartment and unknown to him, Futami was watching and listening to him practice through the video receiver . Before he rings the door bell, Futami comes outside and starts to say mean things to get him to leave, but what he says really stuns her and makes her start to cry. Only then did Futami realize that she was actually in love. After that she starts to become more open with others, starts to talk more and help out some underclassmen with their food experiments (even though they know Futami has no sense of taste).


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