Sei Igarashi
    Sei Igarashi
    Family Members: father, mother, older sister
    Birthday: November 3, 1989
    Blood type: O
    Zodiac: Scorpion
    Height: 171cm
    Weight: 54kg
    Shoe Size: 26cm
    Type of girl I like: someone who doesn't discriminate
    Favorite Colors: red and black
    Favorite Foods: strawberries and Ryoko
    Habit: resting my chin on my hand
    Weakness: Ryoko
    Treasure: Ryoko and Myself
    What I wear to sleep: nothing at all
    Charming Points: Everything
    Favorite Line: That's the best!
    Recently bought item: Shoes

    Self Assessment: [I'm a good man. There's no one better than me. (He's serious)]
    Ryoko's Assessment: [I like a gentleman who likes to make people do what he wants them to... He's really handsome and dominating when we're making love. But Sei? Why do you always want to do it without caring about the situation at all? (face turns red) hmph~!]
    Ayumu's Assessment: [What--? What are you talking about?! You can do anything, but don't do something bad! I really don't pity you! But when she falls for it; it's not bad! (laughs) The audience will find it really interesting!]