Ayumu Kudou
    Ayumu Kudou
    Family members: Father, mother, older sister
    Birthday: February 16th, 1990
    Blood type: AB
    Zodiac: Aquarius
    Height: 169cm
    Weight: 51kg
    Shoe size: 25.5cm
    Type of girl he likes: Girls who are cute, gentle, and know how to cook.
    Fav. color: White, yellow, light blue
    Fav. food: Snacks and Ryoko's cooking.
    Habits: Talking and Eating at the same time.
    Weakness: Can't wake up early.
    Treasure: Video games, manga, snacks, and 'Ryoko'<3
    What he wears to sleep: Wears pajamas and sleeps while hugging a piglet plushie
    Charm point: Smile
    Favorite saying: [Ryoko-chan.]
    Most recent thing bought: Snacks.

    Self-assessment: [I admit that I have a very good personality *laughs*]
    Ryoko's assessment: [Ayumu-chan is really kind. He's cute and caring. What annoys me the most is that he'll sometimes fall asleep on the floor~]
    Sei's assessment: [You can tell that this guy's really nice, makes a good impression on others, has a strong personality. His attitude's worse than mine when he's mad, and does whatever he thinks is right despite what others think, but he's still a really interesting person~]