Ryoko Kudou
    Ryoko Kudou
    Family Members: Mother, Father, Younger Brother.
    Birthday: March 3rd, 1988
    Blood type: A
    Zodiac: Pisces
    Height: 156cm
    Weight: 45kg
    Shoe size: 23cm
    Type of guy she likes: one who stays true to their own selves.
    Favorite color: Pink
    Favorite food: Vegetables
    Habits: Placing her hand to the corner of her mouth.
    Weakness: Easy to make fun of.
    Treasure: The cell phone Sei gave her.
    What she wears to sleep: Pajamas
    Charm point: should be... hair?
    Favorite saying: [can be trusted]
    Most recent purchase: Loofah

    Self-assessment: [a strong older sister]
    Sei's assessment: [really naive ah? She dares call herself strong?! It doesn't feel like that at all! She's really scary!! Even if she doesn't say anything, she can still be dangerous.]
    Ayumu's assessment: [Ryoko's really cute! I love Ryoko the most <3 <3] "Assess her properly!" (Sei's words) [I AM assessing her! What's wrong with you! Sei is such a bastard!!]