Miharu Mikuni
    Miharu Mikuni
    A teenage girl that was introduced in chapter 18 where she returned Keita's acceptance letter when she found her dog trying to bury it in her yard. Out of a combination of stress from believing he did not get in to the relief he found out he did get in, Keita hugs her out of the blue. After that action she has shown an attraction towards Keita, often blushing when they talk and feeling very comfortable when he hugs her, but overall states she has nothing to do with him. Though it is obvious she is attracted to him, keeping her distance because of his sisters as well as her own inexperience being around boys, even fantasizing him raping her and experiencing an orgasm from him giving her a piggy back ride. Even though she does not go after him, his sisters still see her as a possible threat for Keita's heart. It is noted from Keita that she has a bigger bust than his sisters when he recalls the first hug they shared. She is currently in Gakushū Senior High and in the same class as Keita. People often mistake her being involved with Keita and will most of the time become caught in the cross fire of many of the twins' antics (which she comments on in chapter 25). She is the only girl Keita gets nervous around, suggesting he might have feelings for her. She has a weak bladder and occasionally wets herself, including once in front of Keita, but he promises to keep it a secret.


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