Masafumi Tamura
Masafumi Tamura
The main character, Masafumi Tamura, has foreseeing dreams that tell the future and always come true. He has had these dreams since he was a young child. His most disturbing dream however was the one about himself, and his realization that he will discover he is gay. The first night he has the dream, he is determined to assert his heterosexuality. Unfortunately, he keeps having the dream over and over again throughout junior high and into high school. Since Tamura avoids sleeping as much as possible, he spends the time he is awake studying, and is now a top student. This changed Tamura from an expressive kid with average grades and a really friendly demeanor, to a top-of-the-class student who took on extra responsibilities. He is polite but very stoic and a little awkward to approach. He has been labeled as being a real "goody goody" kid.

Tamura is a polite young man to everyone and he has no real enemies. He is usually well liked by others and likes taking care of people. He is even liked by his sempai (upperclassmen). He tries to act like he's in control by forcing himself to stay calm and trying to find any plausible way out of situations he doesn't like. When he is bothered by something, he tends to freak out or becomes extremely quiet and stammeringly shy. Tamura is also very stubborn, seen by how he absolutely denies having any inclinations of being gay.

To reassert his heterosexuality, Tamura went as far as reading porn right in the middle of class or out in public, which ended up earning him a bizarre sort of respect from the other boys in his class for his bold actions (at first no one outside Tamura's family know about his foreseeing ability, so the boys in his class don't know the real reason why he's reading porn in class).

Tamura's pride and stubbornness is a big focus of this story. He's spent so many years trying to avoid being gay, that he just won't give in, much to the exasperation of his family and friends who see it as inevitable since it happened in his foreseeing dream. Tamura may avoid Seiwa because he doesn't want to be gay, but also because he doesn't want to be the reason why Seiwa would be gay too. He eventually realizes he really likes Seiwa, but he doesn't want to force his feelings on the other boy. Luckily for Tamura, Seiwa ends up liking him just as much.

Tamura lives with his father, mother, and older sister at the beginning of the story. They know about Tamura's foreseeing dreams and have already accepted that Tamura will be gay a long time ago, even if Tamura hasn't. This aggravates Tamura that none of his family is freaking out about him becoming gay, which ends up making him think of them as the "brainless family". By the time Tamura is 23, he is an important computer programmer at a company called IT Company.


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