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Akira Kongou
Akira Kongou
The main character he is a very large man with an even larger heart. He remains calm no matter what and only loses his cool when his friends are hurt, when he speaks most people can't help but feel overwhelmed by him and see the error of their ways, when he yells the force can push back a unknown amount people. He saved Hinako from Kiriu Touya and became the bancho of the Chiyoda district. He is the kind of person that helps the little guy in society, he doesn't care about leading groups, being powerful, or being rich besides his unknown reason to destroy the District Plan he seems happy just enjoying the simple things of life. He goes to Raimei Senior High School. He follows what he calls simple logic (someone hurts your friend you hurt them back), when someone does an evil or cruel act in front of him he says "that wasn't smart". Besides his fighting knowledge and schoolwork Akira isn`t very knowledgeable of technology as he almost crushed a flip-open cellphone think that you just had to press a button because of the owners comment, he even asks what was e-mail. He also has great difficulty making his favorite food pudding but this is due to his monster like strength and massive build making delicate work incredible hard for him. Besides taking down other Banchos Akira also helps those in his district with they problems.


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