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Shigeru Akagi

Shigeru Akagi

Akagi is introduced as a deceptively adult looking young boy, whose spark of genius transcends age and resides in gambling, especially in the game mahjong. After gaining mythical status at 13, he disappears for 5 years and resurfaces to become a legendary figure in the whole of Japan.

Akagi becomes much older, he joins Hiro and Ten in the tournament playing for the east team. He drops out in the tag team round due to a technicality. Elderly Akagi values preserving himself above all including his life. After the nine year time skip at the end of Ten it is revealed that Akagi has Alzheimers disease, he decides to kill himself in order to preserve his consciousness instead of slowly rotting away. Akagi invites all the players from the East Vs West showdown to a vigil to share their last words with him before he commits suicide. On the night of the vigil Akagi preforms a miracle in front of Soga by matching up nine face down mahjong tiles perfectly. After speaking giving his final words to everyone Akagi ends his life with a smile on his face. Akagi's grave becomes a popular attraction for mahjong players from across Japan. Visitors would chip off a small piece of his tombstone and use it to bring them good luck. Despite having always been a serious fellow Akagi lives on smiling in the minds of his friends.


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