Feng Lan
    Feng Lan

    Name: Feng Lan Ming / Xiao Lan
    In-game name: Prince, Blood Elf, Blood Elf Prince
    Race: Elf
    Job: Warrior
    Team: Odd Squad ( team leader ) & Infinite City ( city lord )
    Pet: Meatbun (dropped from Wolf King), Kenshin (reward from hidden quest), Lantis Ilanyushenlin / Sunshine (reward from a hidden quest) 


    After her brother declares that she can never make it as a guy in the game world where girls are given special treatment (HP boost, free equipment from other players, easier to level up), Feng Lan starts playing Second Life, a new virtual reality game. Being literally the first person to log onto the new game, she is given the option to make her character male (normally sex-changes in-game are forbidden). This character is named Prince, a warrior class, and wields a rather unique black sword, identified as 'Black Sabre' by the A.I. The Black Sabre is a unique weapon type, capable of leveling similar to a player, they can rival Godly weapons given enough time. Being 30% better looking than her real life self she makes for a really attractive pretty boy, and grabs the attention of every female in-game. She is the leader of the Odd Squad. She was oblivious to the fact that Gui and Wicked have strong romantic feelings towards her, and instead thinks those romantic feelings are directed at her twin brother. However, after being informed by her parents, she realizes that Gui has feelings for Prince and Wicked has feelings for the real her. She and Odd Squad decide to make a guild, Infinite City, after they won the adventurer's tournament.

    As Prince, she has a ruthless way of fighting, stating that she likes the feeling of her body soaked in blood. She also smiles when she kills people, stating that it's good manners. Using vulgar language, Prince managed to scare Team Hell's Murderers into forfeiting when the Odd Squad was about to fight them in a match. Prince is a natural leader and is most comfortable when speaking to large groups of people, and led Infinite City to victory after everyone else had lost hope. Prince has also become an idol in the Second Life world, due to her recent singing concerts which have been leading up to a much larger show in Infinite City! Her popularity has grown so much that Second Life has asked her to be the official Second Life spokesperson. When her friends pledge their loyalty to Prince and calls him Lord, it starts to get on Prince's nerves because he wants his friends to remain normal and be casual with him.


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