Queen Nakia
    Queen Nakia
    The third and current Tawananna (queen) of the Hittite Empire who serves as the antagonist of the series.

    Nakia is a high priestess controlling the element of water and a former princess of Babylonia sent to marry the king of the hitties Suppililiuma at the tender age of fifteen.

    She despises her family for using her as a peace offering to a king who already has other wives, thus making her last in succession to the throne. She stopped at nothing to gain her status as queen and to this day her mind is filled with revenge on everyone who made her life a hardship.

    She is also responsible for summoning Yuri into the past, intending to use her as a sacrifice for a death curse targeting the princes in line of succession before her own son.

    Her only wish is to make her son king of the Hittites, using any scheme necessary either by sending her loyal aide Urhi, or using her powers as a high priestess to mindcontrol people.