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Chikage Kobayakawa

Chikage Kobayakawa

34 years old.

Because his mother was a live-in housekeeper at the Tachibana residence, Chikage has known Tachibana since childhood. Clumsy and a little slow on the uptake, he is something of a burden. At the request of Tachibana's concerned parents, he arrives at the bakery "Antique" to look after Tachibana. Because of his weak eyesight and nervousness, he is never without his sunglasses. Once his glasses are removed, his handsome looks captive Ono, and although nearly overpowered by the notorious "demonic charm", Chikage manages to dodge ono's advances and maintain a "friend only feeling". It was also found that in episode 8, Chikage actually has actually had past relationshions and fathered a child named deko with sakurako, a famous author who are currently friends.


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