Nadeshiko Adenokouji
    Nadeshiko Adenokouji

    Birthday: 18 June
    Bloodtype: A
    Height: 145 cm
    Weight: 36 Kg
    Three Sizes: 71-52-72
    Loves: Tsuwabuki, P.E., Equitation, Enya, Classical Music
    Hates: Women who get closer to Tsuwabuki (except from her family), Tea Ceremony, Ikebana, Anthropometry, Loud Music
    Favourite Food: Haute Cusine, Tea, Macaron
    Hated Food: Snacks, Sukiyaki


    Ichiko's classmate and the after episode presenter of the anime. She's the sister of the Tennis Prince Shion Adenokouji.

    In the Manga, she's a Rich Girl in love with Tsuwabuki, and also a Ninja Stalker.


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