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Hime Onizuka

Hime Onizuka


Age: 17
Birthday: July 7, 1992 (manga), 1994 (anime)
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Height: 162 cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde (Dyed)
School: Kaimei High School
Class: 2-C; 3-C
Likes: Pelollipop Candy, field hockey
Dislikes: Ghosts
Affiliation: Sket Dan
Weapons: Hockey Sticks (Valkyrie, Cyclone, Kunpuumaru)


Himeko (ヒメコ) is the violent "yankee"-girl with a soft spot for cute things. She is the fighter/ brawn to the Sket-Dan. In her past she was called "Legendary Yankee Onihime (鬼姫)" which became a symbol of "power and fear". Himeko seems to now have "calmed down" from her days of being the Onihime and has become the second-chief to the Sket-Dan. 


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