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Espada Love
Espada Love
One of the "Four Pillars" and a Third-Year Tenbi student. Known for being one of the strongest ability users of the school, Espada Love made her first appearance in Chapter 62, near the beginning of the Hime-Kagura arc. Her Element Power level is 15,000, which is considered to be quite high. According to other characters, she was able to take on both Principal Minoru, Haruko and several other ability users at once and make a "hellish feast" out of them during the previous year's Hime-Kagura.
She fights for Kamigari, as she serves directly under Otohime thanks to the latter utilizing a mysterious form of brainwashing. Furthermore, she wields one of one the Eight Heavenly Maken.
Her personality cycles between a calm, ruthless swordswoman who follows a certain kind of chivalry and a raging bisexual who teases both sexes and has a soft spot of strong individuals such as Takeru.