Towa Aikawa
    Towa Aikawa
    Birthday: 25th March
    Zodiac: Aries
    Blood Type: O
    Special Skill: Athletic
    Likes: Eating, sleeping and playing
    Dislikes: Preaching, tests
    Towa is a natural idiot. He's not the best student at the same time common sense escapes him as he can't always see the obvious right in front of him. Towa is targeted by the student council because he refuses to follow the dress code which does not allow his piercings and bleached hair. 
    Towa gets confused often, and he rarely picks fights for no reason since he's a rather kind person. The youngest brother of the Aikawa household, and kind of like the baby of the family. Friends with the 1st years, Shinonome and Yuu, but his relationship with Mikado is becoming suspicious...