Loki Laevatein
    Loki Laevatein

    Race: God
    Birthdate: October 24
    Zodiac: Scorpio
    Blood type: AB
    Height: 176cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Special skill: handicraft
    Hobby: playing pranks
    Occupation: President of Home Club
    Favorite food: candy
    Least favorite food: fish


    Loki is the Norse God of Fire. He is a born prankster, is good at making weapons, and has a pocket full of candy and pranks. Lazy with most things but to things he finds interesting he goes all out. He is a person with unprecedented, unpredictable behavior. He makes mistakes with an unforgiving smile, innocent mass of evil. Genius in making problems anywhere, even in a School. The type of person that always want to know anything, even another person's problem. His mood is not easy to read.

    He acts very jokingly in front of Yui, but later grows to respect her because of her efforts towards him. Loki dislikes humans because they are weak, so he is shocked when he discovers Yui is actually a human.

    Loki, Balder and Thor are childhood friends and they share a special relationship with each other. The name "Laevatein" comes from his sword. Loki's limiter is the opal choker.


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