Akitsune Hiwatari
    Akitsune Hiwatari

    Age: 16
    Birthday: November 26
    Height: 170 cm
    Blood type: A
    Favorite food: Weider-in-Jelly, soba
    Disliked food: mayonnaise, Shiitake mushrooms
    Hobbies: instantaneous napping, window shopping
    Power: Aschenputtel (wristwatch)


    A sixteen-year-old boy who is known to be lethargic during school, arriving four periods late, and sleeping during lunch whenever he wants to. His family once ran an antique shop, but it had been closed down due to lack of customers.

    Akitsune's Grimm tool is Aschenputtel (KHM21, known more widely as Cinderella), a wristwatch that springs out dust and sets things back 24 hours. He had received this item accidentally after an item swap with List. When his body is in danger, Akitsune calls for Aschenputtel to reverse time on himself to heal. However, with further use, Aschenputtel's desire to have him to herself causes the watch to burrow more and more into his skin.

    Since List told Akitsune to stay close to her (List tells him that the watch is stuck to him and buys off the antique shop which allows his parents to go on a long vacation), he has been put into conflict involving the Grimm items which changes his slow-paced life.