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Captain Ann of the Royal Navy is the third member of the unwanted harem pursuing Commander Kuki in "Kurogane Pukapuka Tai". A tall, leggy, striking redhead, she aggressively pursues romantic as well as military victory, and has been Captain Nina Stortebeker's rival in both love and war through many encounters. Nina calls her "Red-Headed Cobra".

She falls for Commander Kuki when the Japanese officer leads her crewmembers to repel Ann's boarding sailors with a dramatic display of unarmed combat; when Kuki tries to strike Ann, Ann kisses her instead until Kuki swoons; she is, it seems, a "devil kisser". Nina and Mamiya, and the 12" guns of Unebi directed by Obama Mifuyu, drive Captain Ann off, and she narrowly escapes in a ruined HMS "Cutlass".

Not dissuaded from her pursuit by such a setback, Captain Ann trades up to a light cruiser, the HMS "Aldebaran", and picks up the trail again ...


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