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Kojirou Shinomiya

Kojirou Shinomiya

One of the graduated student turned professional from Tootsuki Culinary Academy, he is one of the respected legends of both his former school and Tootsuki Academy Alumni, among the few students who successfully graduated his academy with flying colors, which he owned his very own restaurant after he won the medal in France. Despite his professional skills and glorious achievements, Shinomiya's superiority complex made him feared by many students and his employee in his supervision due to his stern discipline as well as narcissistic mind complex which concerned nobody but himself, except for the seniors over him. It is because of his narcissistic ego, Shinomiya is very extremely offended whoever criticized his philosophy and even his knowledge of food (such as Souma Yukihira and Hinako Inui) and he could use employment termination as his very own iron rule to make the cruel remarks to defend his pride, making him as Souma's antagonistic rival and the benevolent overlord in the manga series. 

Shinomiya used the typical French style cooking and, unlike in most French dishes that focus on meat, Shinomiya prefer to use vegetables as the main ingredients With his vast knowledge about vegetables, from the details of species to it's class, as well as their cooking methods, Shinomiya can create the finest vegetable dish which is irresistible to anyone taste his dish. However, Shinomiya's method rather used on the traditional style which the method of cooking often used on the original method rather than the alternatives since he claimed that only the original ingredients for his recipe would have the original taste of the dish. It is due to his uncanny skills in cooking especially in vegetables, Shinomiya earned the nickname as the Vegetarian Magician for making the vegetable dish as a piece of art of cooking, from the details of vegetable selection until the method of the cooking itself, until it reach his standards to satisfying his client.


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