Species: God
    Zen: Fifth Zen
    Jurisdiction: Nature
    Origin Attribute: Fire
    Gender: Male
    Height: 188 cm (6'2" ft)
    Weight: 77 kg (169 lbs)
    God Items: Staff of Agni, Sword of Hellfire
    Summoner: Brilith Ruin


    Agni is a God of fire, who is known for his absurdly honest nature, usually referred by other Suras and Gods as "Babo Kim."

    Contrary to the tales about a cruel God who rules the afterlife, Agni is a rather carefree God, always playing around with Brilith Ruin. He rarely reveals his serious and thoughtful side, partially because he doesn't want to make Brilith unnecessarily worried - since she has her responsibilities as the priestess of Atera to bare - and because his powers, if not controlled, put Brilith's health at risk. This is also the main reason he summoned his sword to fight. He uses less of her Vigor when he summons the Sword of Hellfire with the Staff of Agni.

    He's also the only God of Nature who sympathizes with the Suras, not initiating any fight or hunt against them, and actualy helping some of them if given the opportunity.


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