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Asha Rahiro

Asha Rahiro


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: Year D996, 11th Month, 21st Day
Birthplace: Planet Carte
Age: 20 years old
Height: 175 cm (5'7")
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Birthday Attributes: Marut / Indra / Vayu
Magician Rank:A++
Family: Unknown


Asha Rahiro is a planet-wide famous human Magician, who is helping Kubera Leez in her quest. She is the only Magician on Willarv holding the (otherwise inexistent) rank A++.

Despite her apparent calm and self-confident exterior, Asha is quick to anger, particularly when people don't follow her orders or mistake her for a male. She's rarely seen smiling, and she rather prefers talking in an ironic or abrupt manner to others (especially Leez), or threaten them with a Bhavati Marut if they don't listen to her.

She's extremely quick at calculations and renowned as a genius for her magical talents, despite her birth attributes. Her talents are so well-known that high-ranked AA magicians admire her and keep her into high consideration.

She's also a thoughtful analyzer, as she discovered with almost no effort Yuta's real nature, even if mistaking him for an Upani Sura.

Contrary to her solitary nature, she's a good friend to Brilith, Atera's barrier priestess, though she refuses to reveal to anyone her circumstances and the reason she's lacking, or hiding, her right arm - a hot topic for gossips among magicians.

She's thought to have a hidden agenda while helping Leez with her quest for revenge.


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