Ran Sairofe
    Ran Sairofe

    Species: Human, Yaksha (Quarter)
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: Year D980, 8th Month, 20th Day
    Birthplace: Mistyshore, Willarv
    Age: 36 years old (appears 18 years old)
    Height: 180 cm (5'9" ft)
    Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)
    Birthday Attributes: Varuna / Varuna / Varuna
    Magician Rank: BB
    Family: Tan Sairofe (Father), Hana Sairofe (Mother), Lutz Sairofe (Brother), Huan Sairofe (Uncle), Eline Haias (Aunt), Nard Lehn (Grandfather)


    Ran Sairofe is a Quarter of Yaksha heritage.

    He has a rather brash personality, and jumps hastily to conclusions, completely ignoring other people's opinions, and speaking his mind freely. This careless side of his personality also makes him charge into battle without thinking, and cast magic purely by instinct - a feat only Suras and Gods are capable of - often with disastrous results.

    He often felt alone during his childhood, being the youngest child of a human-Half couple, with his parents constantly out for work, and his father always blaming him for not being a good boy like his older brother Lutz. On the other hand, Lutz was often his only company, and Ran was very attached to him.

    When he was younger, he was determined to skip University classes just to piss off his relatives, but the chance encounter with Rana Reimia - who, from that moment on, became his love interest, much to his uncle's amusement - made him change his plans and his view of life.

    He is bad at speed calculating spells, and has an inferiority complex towards his old classmates, all graduated, since he is the only one that still has not managed to graduate from University.

    Despite being the son of a Half woman, he fears Halfs.


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