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Tsubasa Juumonji

Tsubasa Juumonji

Tsubasa comes from a family of exorcists and transferred to Sakura's high school in the chapter 19. Like Sakura, he can also see ghosts, but often brutally attacks them with "sacred ashes" instead of trying to put them to rest, which can serve to turn them into evil spirits.

He initially met Sakura when they were younger and he began to harbor feelings for her after he realized that she can see ghosts as well. Since his transfer into Sakura's high school, he has tried countless times for Sakura to return his affection and is jealous of the time she and Rinne have spent together, and thus begins joining them on their ghost exploits. Since joining them, he has realized that not all ghosts are evil and has been more lenient towards some. He tends to jumps to conclusions, especially when something concerns Rinne and Sakura's relationship. It is hinted that he is Christian.


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