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Azusa Chiba
Azusa Chiba
Birthday: February 28
Blood type: O
Enjoys most: chilling out with Mii-chan
Favourite food: tempura
Favourite subject: English
Height: 178cm
Hobby: studying
Least favourite food: soy beans
Least favourite subject: none
One thing he would take if he were stranded on an island: Mii-chan
Skill: grinning
Weight: 58kg
Zodiac: Pisces
Azusa has one older brother. He first met Mii-chan when he was in middle school, and since when they two have been hopelessly *in love*. He seriously thinks that Mii-chan is the cutest thing in the world. He is a strange guy. As for his relationship with Nagisa, it's hard to tell whether they like or hate each other, but they've known each over since middle school as well.
Azusa is extremely popular and many girls, including Yūya, tend to think of him as a "Prince" due to his good looks and kind nature. He is the student representative at Natsu Academy, and is at the top of his class. He was the dorm president in middle school. He does his best to help keep the peace in the Strawberry Dorm, especially between Nagisa and Yūya. Azusa and Nagisa appear to be close friends, but Nagisa dislikes his self-sacrificing nature.