Yuya Fukushima
    Yuya Fukushima
    Birthday: November 28
    Blood type: A
    Enjoys most: talking with Azusa
    Favourite subject: biology
    Height: 156cm
    Hobby: watching movies
    Least favourite subject: classical literature
    One thing she would take if she were stranded on an island: cell phone
    Skill: table tennis
    Weight: 43kg
    Zodiac: Sagittarius
    Yuya Fukushima is new on Natsuka school which puts more fully secrets and where strange figures romp about. And then are there still Nagisa and Azuka which you twist severely the head.
    She was on the table tennis team in middle school so she can play it pretty well, but other than that, she can't do any sports. She can't even skip rope.