Rei Sagara
    Rei Sagara
    Full Name: Sagara Rei
    Birthdate: November 22
    Sign: Scorpio
    Age: 28
    Height: 176 cm
    Weight: 63 kg
    Blood type: O
    Favorite food: Japanese
    Least favorite food: Sweets
    Rei is the manager of the famous Sena family. He is serious with a no-nonsense personality. He is a hard worker and is the main care-taker of Izumi, seeing him as his own son. Rei is somewhat of a Deadpan Snarker, wearing a constant poker face and bluntly telling it how it is. He sugar coats nothing. His cool and professional exterior can sometimes make people think he doesn't care.
    He is surprisingly tolerant of Shougo, despite his easy-to-annoy nature.
    As shown in Back Stage!!, Rei was some kind of a delinquent during his earlier days, he had no goals in life until he met Seiya. Seiya discovered him, got interested in him and later asked him to be his right hand man. Having nowhere to go, Rei accepted Seiya's offer, and he thought of Seiya as his savior. He was then brought to the Sena family.
    One night, Rei inadvertently heard some noise coming from Seiya's bedroom and found out that it was Seiya and his wife Nagisa making love. Rei was totally heartbroken, and only at that point did he understood that he had always been madly in love with Seiya. He wanted to keep his feelings buried, as he knew his love won't bear fruit. But later as he was cleaning Seiya's bedroom, Rei couldn't help himself thinking about Seiya that night, and he masturbated to the thoughts of Seiya. In the middle of it, Shougo suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and Rei's love for Seiya got found out.
    After that, Shougo kind of forced Rei into sleeping with him if he doesn't want his secret to be found out by others, and hesitantly, Rei agreed to him, thinking that if he wanted to stay by Seiya's side, his feelings must not be known. But one day, in the middle of sex, they almost got caught by little Izumi, and since then, Rei felt extremely uncomfortable with Shougo's requests. Even though Rei knew fully how Shougo felt for him—since Shougo kept on acting immaturely but he genuinely loved Rei—Rei was fed up and he asked Shougo to get out of his life, Rei saying he had had enough. Surprisingly, Shougo agreed to his request and left abroad. Just like that.
    Even though Rei was absolutely aware of Shougo's love for him—Shougo even became a singer just for him—Rei couldn't stop loving Seiya. It was painful to both him and Shougo. Seeing how genuine Shougo's feelings for him, Rei thought about how things might be different if he had met Shougo before he met Seiya. But his love for Seiya couldn't disappear just yet.
    He is super crazy awkward at using his fingers. His knockout technique is his glasses hurl. He has 40-20 vision. He is an employee of SenaPro.
    (Source: Love Stage!! Ch. 0: Comics Profiles)


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