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Natsuki Kuga

Natsuki Kuga


Kuga Natsuki
DOB: 8/15
Blood Type: A
Height: 160cm
Weight: 47kg
B/W/H: 82/57/83
Child: Duran
Star sign: Leo


Natsuki is typically portrayed as a serious, rational blue-haired female, as a foil to the lighthearted Mai Tokiha. Natsuki's beauty is the target of several jokes, usually involving her becoming embarrassed in a situation. She usually has Shizuru Fujino as a close friend. Natsuki always uses some type of gun as her weapon and she is usually associated with wolves, silver and the element ice. She also has a habit of flicking her hair with her right hand. Running gags include her hobby of collecting lingerie, her fondness of mayonnaise, and her tendency to become irritated easily.


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