San Sherard
    San Sherard
    San is a very powerful witch from a famous family of successful sorcerers and witches and Forte's cousin and has romantic feelings for him which he returns. When she was young her mother was very sick and relatives blamed her to be cursed an to be the cause of her mother's incurable illness. She always gave her best to always smile because she thought her mother would get better if she smiled. Because of her image of a cursed child all her relatives despised her. Only Forte got near her one day. He became her first and best friend. He's also her partner in the Magical Exams. After Forte shouts at their relatives for speaking badly about Sun he tells her that it's okay for her to cry an the he will always stay by her side.

    She often tells Forte that she likes him and often dresses him in girls' clothing.

    Her magic mostly consists of animals (for example cats, fish and birds).
    She loves cakes and sweets a lot and always begs Forte who is. a good cook to bake something for her.


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