Nodoka Miyazaki
    Nodoka Miyazaki

    Seat Number: 27 
    Birthday: May 10, 1988 
    Blood Type: O 
    Hair: Dark blue 
    Eyes: Pink 
    Likes: Being surrounded by books, Sorting books 
    Dislikes: Males 
    Clubs: Library Coordination Committee, Library Monitor, Library Expedition Club 


    Class 2/3-A's resident bookworm, Nodoka is of the quiet but kind variety, harboring romantic feelings for her homeroom teacher, Negi Springfield. She has since confessed her feelings to him, but not much progress in their relationship has been made; they still remain friends. Nodoka is the second person to establish a probationary contract with Negi and gain a pactio card (it occured during the field trip to Kyoto). Her artifact is a book that can show one's thoughts in picture diary format. 


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