Urara Shiraishi
    Urara Shiraishi
    Affiliation: Supernatural Studies Club
    Birthday: December 24
    Blood type: A
    Class: 2-B
    Title: President of the Supernatural Studies Club

    A beautiful girl who is Suzaku High's brightest student. She is one of the seven (original) witches.

    She wears E-cup bras and lots of white underwear, but owns black ones as well. Yamada is the only person Shiraishi is willing to swap bodies with, i.e. kiss. In a special report, Miyamura does an in-depth analysis of the witches based on his observation. In it, he mentioned Shiraishi and her power, "It's so awesome that I get to enjoy using this power! The risks of using are way too high, though. Shiraishi is pretty and nice, but she only kisses Yamada, which is a bummer. I want in on the fun!"


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