Alibaba Saluja
    Alibaba Saluja
    Age: 17 (near 18 during the Sindria Arc), (18 during World Exploration Arc)
    Birth place: Balbadd
    Dislikes: Al Thamen
    Djinn: Amon
    Height: 168 cm
    Likes: Friendship, Women
    Special skill: Royal Fencing
    Strengths: High Level Knowledge
    Weakness: Gets fat easily
    A 17-year-old boy who Aladdin met randomly on his journey. Alibaba seems to be greedy at first and only thinks of money and good payment, though he values human life more and will save those in need. After being helped by Aladdin, he decides to team up with him and do dungeon diving. It was Alibaba's dream for a long time, but since almost nobody returned alive, he was too afraid to start a journey by himself. He considers Sinbad his hero because Sinbad was the only person who managed to return alive from the first dungeon.


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