Gorou Honda
    Gorou Honda
    Born: November 5, 1985
    Height: 180 cm
    Position: Pitcher (~2005) / Batter (2021~)
    Bats: Right
    Throws: right (~1997) / left (2000~) 
    Fastest Throw: 104 mph (167.3 km/h)
    * Mifune Dolphins (1995, 4th grade)
    * Hakata Little (1996~1997, 5th~6th grade)
    * Mifune East Junior High (2000, 9th grade)*
    * Kaido High School JV team (2001~2002, 10th~11th grade)
    * Seishuu High School (2003, 12th grade) 
    * Anaheim Salmons (2004, for one game during MLB Spring Training)
    * Cougars (2004, for one game during Spring Training)
    * Memphis Bats (2004 regular season)
    * Indiana Hornets (2004 post-season Arizona Autumn League, 2005 MLB Spring Training, 2005-2019 regular season)
    * All Japan (2005 Baseball World Cup, 2013 Baseball World Cup won) 
    * Yokohama Blue Oceans (as batter since 2021 to ??)


    The story's main character, Gorou Honda is a young talented baseball player. His love of the game stems from his father who played for the Yokohama Marine Stars. Wanting nothing more than to follow in his father's footsteps, he strives to become a professional ball player. Thriving on the challenge of the mound, he puts everything into the competition. He makes friends easily, as people are drawn to his personality and his excitement of the game. 


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