Aram Astale Ei Daemonia Eucalystia
    Aram Astale Ei Daemonia Eucalystia
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 120 cm; 179 cm
    Sign: Aries
    Seiyuu: Yuki Kaida; Hikaru Midorikawa [Drama CD]

    A 7-year-old prince of the magical kingdom of Astale, his full name is Astale Ei Daemonia Eucharistia Aram. Aram came to Airi's world to avoid a spell his half-brother Jeile was trying to cast on him. While Aram didn't entirely escape the spell, its effect wasn't as Jeile intended it, either. It was supposed to age Aram to an old man overnight, but it ended up growing him into a 17-year-old whenever he is in darkness. The only way to return him to his proper form is with a kiss from his most beloved maiden, whom he quickly determines to be Airi. He is always quick to proclaim is everlasting love for her, much to Airi's chagrin at first.


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