Otone Fujishiro
    Otone Fujishiro

    Birthday: September 18
    Height: 153 cm
    Bloodtype: A
    Song: Sekirara Candy
    Power: Anticomplex


    Otone Fujishiro is the deuteragonist of the Mikagura School Suite series.

    Despite being introduced as an arrogant and expressionless girl with a provocative way of talking, Otone is actually a bashful person who is prone to nervousness every time she meets someone new. This makes her mind go blank and automatically makes her manner of speaking become intense and her personality go to S side. Hence, she is often treated as a troublemaker by many, causing her to develop self-hatred and cry beside the flower garden in the academy.

    Not only that, this mode of her also comes whenever someone approaches her and wants to know her more, making her hard to befriend, much to her distress.

    However, once someone is persistent enough to befriend her, get closer to her, and become accustomed to her personality, Otone will slowly start to open her heart and get warmer to them.


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