Asuhi Imizu
    Asuhi Imizu

    Birthday: November 17
    Height: 160 cm
    Blood type: A 
    Club: Astronomy Club
    Song: Izayoi Seeing
    Power: Shooting Star


    Asuhi is a freshman who transferred from Mikagura Middle School. He is rather shy and reserved, prone to trembling, and gets flustered a lot. However, whenever he talks about stars, he always gets in high spirits. He has a high and overwhelming femininity according to many, since he is capable of tasks such as decorating room, cooking, as well as doing house chores, and he even won a "Male Student That You'd Want As a Little Sister" poll conducted by the Newspaper Club, though he was apparently bullied for it when he was a kid.

    Although he looks frail and weak, he is actually very strong and powerful in battle, having an aggressive attack style and a one-hit-kill move. 
    He also held first place in the top 10 of the Rookie Battle Tournament and was even a favorite to win until Otone defeated him. Despite this, he is never shown as an arrogant people, rather, he is really polite as he always bowing and apologizes a lot, although he did nothing wrong and talks in polite speech pattern to everyone. He also likes to gaze at the stars and really loves it a lot more than himself, ever since he was still a kid. He is also visibly upset whenever anyone making fun of the stars as it hurts him more than any critics he received.


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