Kyouma Kuzuryuu
    Kyouma Kuzuryuu

    Birthday: August 11
    Height: 177 cm
    Blood type: O
    Club: Art Club
    Song: Garakuta Innocene
    Power: Palette Barette


    Kyoma is an upperclassman who gives off the impression of being aloof and unapproachable. This, coupled with his scary glare and sharp words, makes him feared by many students. 
    He doesn't bother to fix this image, so he is seen as a misunderstood loner. Although he speaks rather harshly (to the point of yelling sometimes), he has a good nature. 
    He is said to be a tsundere and really loves milk, since it's serious business for him.

    When he was still a first-year-student, he was shown to always do his best in everything with a smile, and was liked by others. However, upon being backstabbed by people who he trusted and thought of as his friends, it lead to his transfer to Mikagura and having an unapproachable aura now.


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