Seisa Mikagura
    Seisa Mikagura

    Birthday: April 10
    Height: 159 cm
    Blood type: AB 
    Club: Going-Home Club
    Song: Esoragoto Spiral
    Power: Killing Art


    Seisa is the granddaughter of the headmistress of Mikagura Academy. She is a special person with overwhelming power who, following an incident during her first year, was asked to create the Going-Home Club, a club for students with abnormal abilities. As such, she is rarely seen in school, usually because of either her bad physical condition or having a medical appointment, projecting off an aura of mystery.

    Despite being rather distant and aloof, she can be amiable and elegant. She shows signs of having a playful side as well, such as preparing an entire conversation for a voice message for Eruna and often falling asleep while talking or battling. She also has a charming smile, but during battle, it's quite scary.


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