Shigure Ninomiya
    Shigure Ninomiya

    Birthday: February 29
    Height: 178cm
    Blood Type: A
    Club: Manga Research Society
    Song: Kakushinteki Heroism
    Power: Hero Time


    Shigure is Eruna's cousin who is two years older than her. He was the one who recommended her to the academy he is enrolled in, which is Mikagura Academy. He dotes on her a lot, and although he has many fans due to his ikemen face and reliable persona, ranging from junior high students to high school students, he reserves his attention for Eruna and Eruna only.

    He wears glasses, although Eruna says that he isn't particularly smart. He can't tell people apart without them though, and can't use contacts either, since he's afraid to insert something to his eyes, like contacts or eye drops. While his image at school is charismatic and having an aura of a serious honor student, he does a complete 180 whenever Eruna's around. He is also bit of a dork and more positive and high-tension than his cousin. Despite this, he can be pretty dependable and takes his job seriously when being asked. He even gives additional services without being asked, something that made he win "The Most Reliable Senior" ranking. Besides, he is also often asked to be an emcee for events since he is capable to turn the situation into a favorable one and defend people from negative public opinions in his own way.


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