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Himi Yasaka

Himi Yasaka


Birthday: May 5
Height: 148 cm
Blood type: B
Club: Calligraphy Club
Song: Uchouten Vivace
Power: Lovely Ink 


Himi is a small, cute girl from the Calligraphy Club who becomes Eruna's friend. She's childish and naturally curious, as such she isn't very good at lying or deceiving. 
She doesn't like being treated as a kid or called short though, and frequently claims that she's 200 cm tall (when she in reality she's just 148 cm).
She is also fond of sweets, particularly biscuits and candies, hates capsicum, and can't drink soda, because it makes her drunk.

She's very energetic and cheerful, but in battle her aura changes to something more serious.
She also takes her role as a representative and honor student seriously, as she is shown to regret her action of not attending the Representative Meeting due to forgetting her schedule when accompanying Eruna's practice and warning Eruna to remove her 'room', that was made from a corrugated cardboard box, which is blocking the dormitory corridor, as ordered by dormitory security.


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