Adol Christin
    Adol Christin

    Adol Christin is the primary protagonist. He has an uncanny knack for being at or arriving to the right place at the right time. He also has the curious habit of falling into the sea, and washing up on beaches, being rescued and nursed back to health by each game's female lead. Not much is known about Adol's past, except that he was born in a small nameless mountain village. Adol came from a peasant family, but still manage to live a normal daily life, it's shown in the intro of Ys I that he was taught by his father, and sometimes later, a traveler came to his village, this event made Adol to aspire to become an adventurer. He started his adventure when he was 16. Throughout the series there are some running gag of Adol's adventure in the series: - He always starts his adventures by drifting upon a shore, due to his boat being broken or such due to accident, this doesn't apply in Ys Seven, since Adol managed to get to Altago safely without being drifted apart, this fact even surprise Dogi himself, regarding his luck with boats. - For gaming reason, he will always begin the game with the weakest equipment, despite him obtaining a strong weapon and accesories in the previous games. He would always leave for another adventure after making the girls in the game falls for him (Lilia, Elena, and Isha). - Adol is the only human character in Ys series that has red hair. (Source: Wikipedia)


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